“I love you more than sweaters.”

“I’ll find some way to redeem myself to you. I mean it, Dean."

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Sweaters and cigarettes
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no matter how au the au, it’s always

hello, dean.


#tbt Willie Nelson and crew for Halloween - via stevecarlson insta

(Jensen is second from the right) 


funny story my 5th grade elementary school teacher was the one who figured out i had crazy bad adhd











i hope she’s doing well





the lady on the news just said two brothers in their mid thirties in my area were recently arrested for multiple counts of murder and 9 years of credit card fraud and i think we all know whats really going on here

waiting for the gif

I don’t know what’s really going on here. What’s really going on here??

well to summarize… 



        Appreciation of Winchester genes

a game of stark children not listening to their fucking mother


jensen being an absolute cutie in dark angel


I wanna be

where the people are



"i wanna read this very specific fanfiction but i really, really don’t want to write it" - a story about me


dean and cas helping sam with research at the library until cas mumbles that he thinks he left one of the journals in the car

dean fidgeting in his seat before murmuring that he should probably go help cas find that journal

dean and cas making out like teenagers and grinding against each other in the backseat of the impala because they’re just that desperate

sam sitting in the library like (¬_¬”) because ‘do they really think he’s that stupid?’


i’m so pleased with how this came out omg

so on twitter citra and i plus 5 very lovely people have become the best of friends, despite being from all around the world. loren and evani in california, alyssa in new york, emily in scotland, nouran in egypt, citra in indonesia and me in australia! we we’re all caught in a cluster of drama and hate due to still liking supernatural and misha, people we once called friends dropping us, blocking us, getting annoyed with us just because we still loved something they didnt. we all bonded and have so many things in common and alyssa  said “i love you guys so much, i feel like you’re all a piece of me, as well as misha, like a slice of cake” and i said “misha cake sounds great” and then alyssa said “we’re misha cake babes” and it kind of escalated from there. they name may be silly, but i have these 6 girls and misha to thank for always being there for me, though not physically, i can tell them anything and i’m happier when i talk to them, i love them all so much.

so citra came from indonesia for the con!!!! so we decided to get a photo with misha together and include the other cake babes! we asked misha to hold the sign and he looked amused at it before holding it. he then changed his mind and put it in his mouth and pulled citra and i super close and i almost fell over because he did it so forcefully, i also stepped on his foot omg. anyway misha is cute and citra is cute and the cake babes are cute and i’m just really happy

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Founded on April 30th, 2014. Thanks to this lovely tweet by Alyssa: image

The seven of us all became mutuals on twitter and exchanged iMessages. We came together because we felt there was a lot of drama in the Supernatural fandom and most of us started to lose our close friends. We felt the actors…